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The Kremlin

No trip to Moscow would be complete without touring The Kremlin. Continue reading

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We endured the most tortuous flight we’ve ever taken in order to get to Moscow. Remember when flying meant wearing your Sunday best and smiling service? Airlines have taken all the fun out of it and then some. Any flight which originates in the US is almost guaranteed to be bad at this point in time but we were not prepared for the instrument of torture Delta called an airplane. Our flight was broken up into three legs, the second one lasting 9 hours from Atlanta to Milan. Continue reading

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Eastern Europe it is!

Our initial plan was to spend this summer in Southeast Asia.  Our oldest is on a school trip to China for three weeks.  We thought it would be fun to join him at the end and take it from there; however, the logistics of it turned into a nightmare.  The more I tried to coordinate, the harder it seemed to get.  I don’t believe in fate but I finally decided that this was proving too stressful to pursue. Continue reading

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