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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, according to Wikipedia, does not literally mean “No worries” but rather ‘there isn’t here’ (hakuna) ‘problems’ (matata). I don’t even know what having no problems would feel like. It’s been almost two years since I’ve updated this blog. Life took a turn for the bad and then the worse and then the even worse. So I’ve been absent. Life got better and then bad again and I’ve learned not to wonder about what might be lurking around the bend anymore. As I said back in 2014, the time to do anything is now. So we travel, taking our many matata’s with us. Who knows, we might end up misplacing them in some remote site and coming home sans.

Where are we headed? So very glad you asked.

AFRICA!! (see what I did there?)  By way of Iceland!

I would agree that our itinerary is a bit nuts but isn’t there where bliss lives? As always, looking for cheaper travel is ingrained in who I am. It usually leads me into trouble, yes, but it also leads to adventure. When I began looking into flights to Africa, it turned out that flying to The Netherlands and then on to South Africa was the cheapest way to get there. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities so having a little visit sounded good. Then it turned out that flying to Amsterdam can be done with a same-cost stopover in Iceland. Iceland has never been high on my list (warm blood and all that) but a free stopover? Yes, thank you.

Come along with us as we visit parts of the world we never even dreamed about.

Whether Hakuna, or Wengi Kuna, Matata:   Keep Exploring!

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