No Place Like Home

We’ve been back home for almost a week and can’t believe how fast these six weeks flew by.  We’re exhausted but at the same time feel we could have kept going longer.  We had many surprises this summer and are glad to have put our preconceptions to the test, most (all?) of them were completely wrong.  The two countries we were most concerned about visiting were Russia and Turkey but they turned out to be two of the best. Continue reading

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Goodbye Russia

After resting for a bit back at our hostel, we headed out to the Peterhof Palace, also called Pedrovoret Continue reading

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Soul Kitchen Hostel

The Soul Kitchen Hostel is located along the Moika river and just a few blocks away from St. Issac’s Cathedral, but that is the least of its charms. It is within walking distance of most anything you will want to visit in St. Petersburg. There are cafes, ATMs and even the Metro station close by. Continue reading

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Beautiful St. Petersburg

The overnight “Red Arrow” train from Moscow to St. Petersburg is indeed luxurious. We had bought our tickets before we even left home since rumor has it they sell out. There was an empty cabin in our car (car 16) so I’m not entirely convinced. This is actually a big deal because the Russian train website seems to accept credit cards from every nation except USA. Continue reading

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The Kremlin

No trip to Moscow would be complete without touring The Kremlin. Continue reading

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