No Place Like Home

We’ve been back home for almost a week and can’t believe how fast these six weeks flew by.  We’re exhausted but at the same time feel we could have kept going longer.  We had many surprises this summer and are glad to have put our preconceptions to the test, most (all?) of them were completely wrong.  The two countries we were most concerned about visiting were Russia and Turkey but they turned out to be two of the best. Continue reading

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Meteora, Greece

What I remembered from the Greeks was that they are big, grabby (as in actually grabbing me, lots), and loud; so I wasn’t looking forward to being back but the boys had their hearts set on visiting the Acropolis. We couldn’t stomach another furgon ride to the Albanian border so instead we took a ferry from Sarandë to Corfu [9am, 10:30am & 1:30pm] Continue reading

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Albanian Surprises

Our driver got us to Tirana where although we had directions from the hotel and he had a GPS, we still needed to stop a taxi and ask for help. He offered to guide us…for just €4. It was only three blocks! Oh, well… Continue reading

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Eastern Europe it is!

Our initial plan was to spend this summer in Southeast Asia.  Our oldest is on a school trip to China for three weeks.  We thought it would be fun to join him at the end and take it from there; however, the logistics of it turned into a nightmare.  The more I tried to coordinate, the harder it seemed to get.  I don’t believe in fate but I finally decided that this was proving too stressful to pursue. Continue reading

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