No Place Like Home

We’ve been back home for almost a week and can’t believe how fast these six weeks flew by.  We’re exhausted but at the same time feel we could have kept going longer.  We had many surprises this summer and are glad to have put our preconceptions to the test, most (all?) of them were completely wrong.  The two countries we were most concerned about visiting were Russia and Turkey but they turned out to be two of the best. Continue reading

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Turkish Delight

Istanbul’s bus station is a behemoth of a monster which encompasses several blocks and three floors. Our first experience of this city was terrifying. Happily, our tickets included a free transfer to the Sultanahmet section so we grabbed our packs and followed the man who seemed to be herding people that way. Continue reading

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We’re in Asia!

Bodrum is a port city on the southwestern side of Turkey. We arrived early in the morning and headed straight to the bus station to inquire about transport to Selçuk. The bus station is a terrifying chaos. Every company has a small office and men outside yelling their destinations out; people loiter around smoking and drinking tea while buses pull in and out in a bewildering manner; bewildering because they didn’t crash or ran anyone over. Continue reading

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