Flight Fox

I had been hearing about this “new” service called FlightFox (flightfox.com) which advertises itself as a flight finding service.  The way it works is you pay a small fee, describe your itinerary and have several “experts” compete to find you the best price.  You choose the one you like most and get detailed instructions to buy your ticket, the winning expert gets the fee.

I decided to try it out for our flights this summer.  At the time I tried it, the fee schedule was a bit different from what it is at the moment I am writing this review.  I paid $39 for the entry-level advice and within minutes had three experts suggesting flights.  I chose the one who seemed most approachable and received the instructions, bought my tickets and was done.  There was also the option of paying a fee of $79 for “better” experts but I chose the cheaper option.

My review: meh.  The expert was very nice and kept searching flights when I wanted to try Moscow instead of St. Pete’s and Istanbul instead of Athens.  I did end up buying the flight she suggested but to be honest I believe I could have done just as good by myself since it only involved going to Orbitz.com and buying the tickets there.  There were no “secrets” to finding those tickets.

As of this writing, the FlightFox options seem to have changed to a fee of $24 for a contest and just $10 for a price check.  Maybe it is a change for the better.  The service seems as it would only be useful for people who have a complicated itinerary, a bit of extra cash and neither the patience nor the time to search for the flights themselves.

Would I try it again: I don’t think so.

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