Are you crazy?

In the past few days we’ve received tons of encouragement from many many people.  We’ve gotten so many suggestions and recommendations from random strangers I had to start keeping a notepad with me.  We have also been the recipients of some raised eyebrows and questions such as: “Why would you want to put yourselves thru that?”  It is difficult to answer that question.  We don’t have a straight cut answer, it is more of a “feeling”.  A feeling of how short life is, how vulnerable our bodies are and how quickly time is running out on all of us.  No, I am not some crazed prophet wanna-be.  It is just that an entire human life span seems too short to be able to experience and enjoy everything this world has to offer so we grew impatient waiting for Someday and decided to turn it into Today.  This video illustrates this beautifully:

We decided to put ourselves through some hardship because we believe the outcome will be worth the trouble.  Which brings us to “What do you expect to get from this?”  Another difficult question.  It is easier to know what we don’t expect.  We don’t expect to sleep in comfy beds every night.  We don’t expect to eat food we like every day.  We don’t expect to be able to have privacy or find clean restrooms whenever we need them.  What we do expect is difficult to quantify: we expect us all to grow, to be challenged and have meltdowns; and then recover from them and go on.  A dream vacation.  Which brings us to another difficult question: “Are you crazy?”   No.   We don’t think so.   Maybe.   Well…

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One thought on “Are you crazy?

  1. not crazy, adventurous.


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