Our Journey Begins…

We have always loved traveling.  Who doesn’t, you might ask; but we’re talking about the uncomfortable kind of traveling.  The kind where you only have a vague idea of where you’re going or what you’ll find when you get there.  The kind where you carry all you need on your back and if you don’t have it then you find a way to not need it.  We might get caught out in the rain, we might go for days with only bread and jelly, and then again we might find that perfect place at the top of a mountain with the clearest night sky when we think we’re too tired to go on.  Traveling which forces one to adapt and grow.

For some time we’ve been considering taking up and leaving on a year-long trek through the world but we’re scared.  Yep, we’ll admit it, it scares us silly to uproot our kids and leave all of our security items behind.  Instead, we’ve decided to go with baby-steps; so this summer we’re taking off to South America.  Not really sure of where exactly that will lead to.  We’re beginning our journey in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  We’ve got our plane tickets and not much else!  We think we’ll spend 7 weeks traveling throughout the continent but nothing has been written in stone.  We might find that we like it so much we’ll extend our trip or we might find that we’re just too homesick and come running back after only a few days.

This is the chronicle of our adventures this summer.  Come follow us!

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7 thoughts on “Our Journey Begins…

  1. laura Murillo

    Que padrisimo viaje; pero ni pisaron México, verda? gachos.
    diviertanse mucho, aqui les sigo el paso.


  2. Denise Ciummo

    We will be watching you and enjoying the sites too!


  3. We’re happy that you’re able to do this. We’ll keep a log of your travels.


  4. Eric Fayet-Faber

    Good luck and have fun ! Can we go with you? Just pack the 5 of us in your suitcases 🙂

    Keep us posted on how things are going.



  5. eugen stoeckelle

    Good luck and have fun!!


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